Tendon Clinic

CSM Tendon ClinicThe Tendon Clinic team is made up of physiotherapists, biokineticists, sports physicians. When appropriate, referrals are made for imaging with specialists radiologists, or for footware and orthotic prescription from the podiatrist. The Tendon Clinic provides patients with the latest, research proven, multidisciplinary approach to treating tendonopathy. We have offer on-site extracorporeal shockwave therapy using a Zimmer Shockwave therapy machine. This machine makes use of the latest electromagnetic shockwave technology and research proven treatment dosages.


Advanced Patient Clinic

CSM Advanced Patient ClinicOur multidisciplinary patient clinic team sits in group consultation with patients who have complex or non-resolving conditions. Patients can be referred to the clinic by their medical professional or through one of our practitioners. For a nominal consultation fee the patient is able to benefit from the vast experience of the team who work together with the patient to find a definitive solution for them. Contact us to set up an appointment.


Back Clinic Read More

CSM Back ClinicA team approach to solving the problem of lower back pain. Patients can enter the Back Clinic by contacting us directly, or being referred from their doctor or a specialist. Our physiotherapist or chiropractor will treat your back pain and begin with mobilising and muscle activation exercises. When appropriate you will be referred to our biokineticist for Phase 1 Rehabilitation. more.

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