The Centre runs a multidisciplinary chronic diseases rehabilitation programme.

The aim of this programme is to ensure safe activities of daily living within the limits imposed by any co-existing chronic disease. In addition, the programme ensures reversal and modification of known risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Multidisciplinary chronic disease programmes decrease mortality and cardiac events, and improve quality of life. Programmes such as the one run by The Centre for Sports Medicine are known to decrease either mortality and/or decrease cardiac events (such as heart attack) in patients with a history of angina, heart attack, heart failure, and following coronary stents and coronary artery bypass surgery. They improve functional capacity in respiratory patients and decrease cardiac events in diabetic patients.

The Chronic Disease Rehabilitation team at the Centre includes our whole multidisciplinary team. The programme includes a baseline risk assessment which is followed by an individualised programme to address and modify identified risk factors. The programme includes supervised exercise, optimisation of nutrition, psychological support, and lifestyle modification. Skills are taught which will ensure safe and effective continuation of the programme in the home environment.